Give us a call and we will help remove bees from your structure or location.

Give us a call and we will help remove bees from your structure or location.

If you are here you most likely have a problem with honeybees. Maybe the bees have either penetrated your walls or are in the ceiling of your home.  They could be located in a tree nearby.

Maybe I can help, I am a certified North Carolina Beekeeper and I am committed to the art of beekeeping and helping to protect and preserve the honeybee.  Honeybees are a precious resource that deserves our help.  If you have honeybees present in a structure and want to remove them, give me a call and I will see what I can do to help remove them safely.

Before I come, I need your help.

  1. Identify that these are indeed honeybees.  They are 2/5 to 3/5 inches in length.  The honey bee is covered with short, dense hair, usually golden-brown and black, and its abdomen is striped.
  2. Take a picture of it.  Try to get a close-up picture using a zoom lense if you can.  Take some pictures of where they are located.  If you get these to me, I can help identify them and plan a course of action.

Once I am able to identify these as honeybees, I will get with our staff and we will determine a way to remove these from your premises with little or no harm to the bees.

If we have to remove them from the walls, we may have to remove sheet rock or make alterations to your structure to reach them.  We will exercise extreme caution; however we consult with you before we make any move to capture the bees.  If alterations to your structure are needed to capture the bees, you will need to secure structure repair team in order to repair these items.

Because we are interested in capturing the bees and preserving one of nature’s most effective pollinator, our fees are very reasonable.  Contact us and we will be glad to give you a quote.  We can be reached by email at

WARNING: Honey bee removal from structures is not a job for a person who has never worked around stinging insects or even a novice beekeeper. Sometimes, this work is done while standing on a ladder with hundreds of angry bees trying to protect their home. Bee removal can be unnerving to even the experienced beekeeper and lead to accidents.



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