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Bee Sweet Honey comes in various quantities to meet your need.

Think Locally! Need to find a beekeeper who is a natural raw honey producer in the Charlotte Metro area of North Carolina?  Come taste what you’ve been missing.  Bee Sweet NC is your link to sources of local, natural, raw, unpasteurized honey, straight from hives located in Gaston County, North Carolina.

If are not fortunate enough to keep bees, or don’t know of a beekeeper in your neighborhood, then give us a call and we will be glad to help you.  Unpasteurized, raw honey is generally available in many sizes including 8oz bottles, 1 lb. bottles, 1 quart jars, and even large buckets of honey for wholesale use or for local mead brewers.  If honey is what you want, we have it in about any size you need

Please find below our current price list.  If you would like to place an order, you can tell us what you need or request more information by clicking on the link below or request more Information by emailing us at ]

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Price                           Description
$5.00                          8 oz Bottle of Bee Sweet NC Local Honey
$8.00                          16 oz Bottle of Bee Sweet NC Local Honey
$17.00                         Quart of Bee Sweet NC Local Honey
$57.00                        1 Gallon of Bee Sweet NC Local Honey
$250.00                      5 Gallons of Bee Sweet NC Local Honey


If you are here you most likely have a problem with honeybees. Maybe the bees have either penetrated your walls or are in the ceiling of your home.  They could be located in a tree nearby.  Maybe I can help,  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE INFO ON OUR BEE REMOVAL SERVICE



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